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공작님들의 말랑한 최강 귀요미
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“Ah… This can’t be. This can’t be.”

I was clearly killed by the sword of my former fiancé, but somehow ended up in a completely different place through dimensional travel. As a child, no less.

As someone who has never experienced genuine love, I find myself entangled in a family where I resemble the deceased wife of a duke. I sway back and forth in the midst of this complicated family dynamic.

“It’s a baked sticky rice cake.” (My father, the Eastern Duke)

“It looks like a pumpkin rice cake, so cute. Where can we use it?” (My older brother, who will become the future Eastern Duke)

“Hmm? Looks like there’s a rice cake with sweet bean filling on the trees in this garden.” (My brother-in-law, who is also the Southern Duke)

“Just by looking at it, it’s a soft and squishy soybean powder-coated rice cake.” (My great-grandfather, the Northern Duke)

“Where did this fluffy and chewy white rice cake roll down from? Do you want to marry my son?” (Western Duke and also my future father-in-law?)

Why on earth does rice cake exist in this darn world?

“Hic. Don’t know! Want some alcohol? I have lots.” (Rafi, intoxicated by liquor chocolate)

Oh well, who cares? Since I’ve become a rice cake, might as well live like one.

With my handsome and dependable father who works outside, my cool older sister who rebels against our father without hesitation, my brother who supports the rebellion, my loving brother-in-law, and my nephew who wants to marry his aunt, not to mention the black cat, Ciel, who rolled over me while I was trying to take a nap. And even my extended family and my cousins.

“Call me nephew and make jokes. Don’t call me by my name.”

The family members who sprang up out of nowhere treat me so well that I can’t escape.

However, the royal family and the temple are trying to destroy me, the child of destruction, and kill me.

Hmph! Have they gone mad? Even though I died at such a young age, this is my third chance at life! It won’t be easy.