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“Black-haired bastard…”

Why, oh why, do the male leads in romance fantasy novels always go with a dark-haired man. And why, oh why, do I always end up giving my heart to a brunet?

Vileon Byers, the sub-male in The Marriage Alliance.
Childhood friend of the heroine, Empress Odette, and now Chancellor of the Empire.
Reader 1 has unique tastes, and she’s always drawn to the sub male lead who never gets the girl.

How can the Chancellor defeat the iron-blooded, black-haired Northern Archduke!!
Crying out in the night, Reader 1 suddenly possessed Marienne Didi, the third assistant to the Chancellor in the book The Marriage Alliance.
Yes, I will fulfil my greatest love and make Vileon the leading man of The Marriage Alliance!

“Don’t you want to dye your hair? What do you think of black hair?”
“Why do you suddenly think I should dye my hair black?”
“Because it’s the only way to end your long-standing unrequited love, Lord Byers.”

If your hair colour is a problem, dye it!
If it’s the power, you practice!
Let’s call it Operation Act Like a Northern Bastard.


“Leaving the place without looking back, speaking coldly while staying close… What’s all this?”
“It’s the way to communicate with the Fourth Princess.”
“Does Her Highness really like this kind of behavior?”
“Without a doubt.”
“But it seems like the behavior of a very violent person.”

Vileon halfheartedly complies with Didi’s wishes. However, Odette remains unmoved, Vileon smirks, and the Northern Archduke appears.

Despite her appearance as a fluffy, cotton candy-like rabbit, she pushes her favorite character from the original work like a fierce beast.
Will she succeed?


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    dorothea is tired of translating waste and smut novels. i will be taking a 1~2-month break from translating those kind of novels. thank you and i'm sorry (◞‸◟ㆀ)