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Lu Xiao would never expect that his lover for seven years whom he loved deeply will betrayed him with his ‘good’ cousin.

And the thing that he couldn’t accept the most was the fact he caught them cheating on his wedding anniversary. At that time, both his mind and body were engulfed in extreme emotions. He quickly slam the door open and leave the place where he used to live for years.

But he didn’t expect that his final outcome was to be pushed down into the cliff.

Before he died, he was told off that he would “voluntarily” divorce, “voluntarily” gave all his properties away, and “voluntarily” leave the place that made him heartbroken.

Then everything sinks in. Lu Xiao finally knew that he fell for a trap at the very start. Unfortunately, it was all too late.

Lu Xiao, who was given a second chance, found himself coming back to the time when he was still ten years old. Seeing the familiar place, a decision was quickly made in his heart: He won’t stop his parents from getting divorced this time, instead he will add more fuel! Then he will bring his mother away from these evil relatives and make a fortune.

And when he finally has the power to fight back, he will calculate all the interests of the debts that his ‘good’ relatives gave to him and his mother and will pay it all back one by one!

However, he would never thought the he would meet a person who can accompany him til death. Although the encounter between them was a dark history that he wished to forget.

Ye Lan: Baby, baby, baby~ What do you love most about me?

Luo Xiao: …

(Thinking) Ye Lan: Ah~I knew it, you love me so much that you don’t know where to say you love me~

Luo Xiao: … (No, You think too much!)

Ye Lan: Baby, don’t worry. I will always be yours, and I will always love you~

Luo Xiao: … (Speechless mode in progress)