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Olivier Dampierre.
Ezon’s most famous celebrity, he has it all: looks, money, and family.
A man who has never given his heart to anyone, until one day, he gets into a huge accident.

“Amélie Gagnier, marry me.”

He proposed to a maid, Amélie Gagnier, at a social party at the Countess of Biché.

How did they fall in love?
Would the maid ever achieve the honour of being elevated to the rank of a duchess?

Everyone around them gossiped, but only the two of them knew.
That this whole situation was simply the result of a contractual relationship for their mutual benefit.
It must have been like that.


Olivier’s lips curved into a slight smile as he watched Amélie.
His gaze met her calm green eyes. There was a subtle heat in those cool, forest-like eyes.

“Amelie, the more I see you, the more fascinating you become.”


“When I first saw you, it was in a dark alley, and the second time, we met in the evening and stayed together until late at night. And now, here we are, spending the night together again.”

Amélie quickly lowered her gaze. It felt strange. The nape of her neck grew increasingly warm.

“But it’s strange.”

“…What is it?”

“Even at night, you shine as bright as daytime.”

A sweet, soft voice drifted into her ear.


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