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Web Novel (CN)
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A sudden chance into bartending transforms Leon’s life forever. Seeking a job, he steps into a bar teeming with extraordinary patrons.

Among them are alluring female warriors, clad in captivating armor that defies convention. Leon ponders the mysteries their attire hides and the dangers it guards against as it couldn’t even guard against a gaze.

The disaster mage, cursed with a luck plummeting into the negative, captivates his curiosity. How has she endured a life so steeped in misfortune, and what role does destiny have in store for her?

The melancholic Skeleton King, surrounded by jovial skeletons, adds another layer of intrigue. Amidst spectral revelry, Leon finds himself swept into their ethereal camaraderie, questioning the essence of existence itself.

Amidst this mesmerizing assembly, the Demon King emerges with an unexpected interest in the hero. Their complex bond challenges Leon’s perceptions of good and evil, leaving him to ponder the blurred lines between them.

As Leon navigates this captivating world, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery, unveiling magic, confronting monsters, and embracing the extraordinary. This is a tale where each drink poured and every encounter shared intertwine to rewrite his destiny against a backdrop of enchantment and wonder.